Geochemical characteristics of Thorium (Th)

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    Geochemical characteristics of Thorium (Th)

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    Geochemical characteristics of Thorium (Th):-

    1- Atomic no:

    90, atomic wt: 232.04

    2- Igneous rocks:

    Ultramfic rocks: 0.004, Mafic: 207, Granite (20).

    3- Sedimentary rocks:

    Limestone 1.7, Sandstone (5.50 and Shale (12), Soils (13), Plant ash 20 ppb, Fresh water 0.1 ppb

    4- Associations:

    lithophile, occurring principally in accessory minerals of igneous rocks, in placer deposits, Th minerals occur for a radioactive decay series ending in He & Pb.

    5- Rock minerals:

    monazite (RE,Th)PO4, and as a minor constituent of allanite (hydrated silicate of Ca, Fe, Al), sphene (CaTiSiO5), and zircon (ZrSiO4).

    Industrial source: monazite in placer deposits.

    6- Mobility:

    very low, determined by the extremely refractory character of the principal primary Th minerals.

    7- Geochemical prospecting

    applications: He has been suggested as a guide to Th deposits, a low Th/U ratio in kimberlites has been reported as favorable for the occurrence of diamonds.

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